Media Links

Video demonstration by Mark Thomas and Rikki

Letter swapping at the Curzon Soho by Mark Thomas and Tracey

The Independent

The Independent No.2

The Guardian

Time Out


Worker's Liberty

BECTU article No.1

BECTU article No.2

BECTU Press Release for Stanley Schtinter

BECTU article No.3

BECTU article No.4

BECTU article No.5 (Recognition news!)

New Statesmen article No.1

New Statesmen article No.2

New Left Project article No.1

New Left Project article No.2

Ex-staff member, Tania El Khoury

Precarious Workers Brigade

Movie Scope Magazine

Celluloid Liberation Front

Lipstick Socialist

Stronger Unions

Union Solidarity International

Equity Support Letter to Curzon CEO

Pure Movies

London Review of Books

Counterfire : Secret Diary of a Cinema Worker No.1

Counterfire : Secret Diary of a Cinema Worker No.2

The Guardian : Managers must make a difference, otherwise why keep them?

Resonance FM with Simon Tyszko

London Evening Standard (Gideon Spanier on Ritzy and Curzon)

Ken Loach backs Ritzy cinema workers

The Xtra Diary: As cinema opens with free-to-watch films, staff are left in the dark

RS21 : Behind the screens : an interview with two Curzon cinema workers

Solidarity Federation

The Observer

Occupied Times

SW Londener : Living Wage news

The Guardian : Living Wage new

Evening Standard : Living Wage news


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