Help us by writing to our Head Office

Curzon World Head Office must pay their non-managerial staff the London Living Wage. We feel our CEO, Philip Knatchbull, COO, Mel Alcock and the new Operation Manager, from the VUE cinema, Andrew Bailey has no sympathy nor does they care about our struggle.

In an effort to show solidarity to Curzon Workers (General staff, managers, bar supervisors, projectionists, telephone booking line staff, and technicians) we are requesting that supporters:

Call and email Philip Knatchbull, Mel Alcock and Andrew Bailey to do the decent thing and pay their workers the London Living Wage and treat them with honest communication and respect. Andrew Bailey has been known as a bully at his previous work place, VUE and he has already shown this by bullying our managers by pressuring them with alot of work. He has no understanding how our cinema works.

Mel Alcock, Chief Operations Officer :
0207 438 9521 & Mel.Alcock@curzon.com

Andrew Bailey, Operation Manager :
0207 438 9500 & Andrew.Bailey@curzon.com

Philip Knatchbull : Philip.Knatchbull@curzon.com

General email address : info@curzon.com

If you don't get a reply, please call again or send another email until you get a reply. 

Please be polite in your calls and emails.

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